There are lot of things to do in Pays Catalan...

ATTRACTIONS AND Recreational possibilities

Literature about the region "Languedoc- Roussillon” are multifarious. Here is a link that comprises some excursion proposals and descriptions - many of them can be reached on day-trips. Recommendable is to visit the local tourist office. Here are lots of material as well as the personal advices and recommandations you'll get from the staff. Often the office arrange guided tours in town and countryside as well as guided hiking in the mountains. The departement-council "Conseil Général" has a nice website(only in french language) with lots of links and proposals for excursions. The capital of the departement, Perpignan, offers you a wealth of cultural experiences.  Moreover there are excellent shopping-opportunities in the large city. The city of Perpignan was in the 12. - 14. century capital in the kingdom of Majorca, and the Palace of the Kings of Majorca, or Palais des Rois de Majorque in French - a palace and a fortress with gardens overlooking the city - is one of the main attractions of Perpignan.

There is opportunity for excursions to:

  • Medieval town Collioure – 14 km
  • Céret with the excellent museum of modern art - 26 km
  • Tautavel - with 2 interesting museums about the Tautavel man - he is one of the most ancient humans known in Europe. His bones are estimated to be 450,000 years. In addition you'll find many fine vineyards in and around the village. Tautavel has it's own appellation.
  • Medieval city Carcassonne – 150 km
  • Katharcastles Peyrepertuse and Quéribus in Aude mountains - 80 km
  • Gorges du Galamus, with gorgeous nature - and there are also possibities for bathing from the rocks in the river as well as riverhiking -  60 km
  • - Route guidance to both places you'll find in the activityfolder in the house.
  • The local wine cellars and cooperatives, where you can have a "degustation". In the acitivityfolder in the house there are maps and routeguidances to recommendable wine cellars or the local production in the cooperatives in Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines, or Saint-André– bring with you one of the wine cans form the house and try some of these local wines. Chateau Valmy between Sorède and Argelès is well worth a visit too. See the map.
  • Markets: In Sorède there is market every tuesday and friday 8 am - 2 pm - it is not that big, so if you seek a larger choice, there are always daily markets in at least one of the towns nearby. In the activityfolder in the house you'll find a list showing where to find a market.  Make e.g. a trip to Céret, Argelès, Perpignan, ....


  • Golf - there are several possibilities, in St. Cyprien, 20 km from the house. 18 holes.
  • Animalpark at Sigean - Réserve Africaine de Sigean, parc zoologique - get close to the wild animals from Africa - 60 km
  • Skiing - alpine: Font Romeu, Pyrénées 2000 and Les Angles are some the best skiing-resorts in the Pyrenees. Situated  only 1- 1½ drive by car in western direction from Sorède and Perpignan. A vacation in our house could be combined with a couple of days stay in these reorts or alternatively Andorra. These resorts are high up in the mountains and it is also necessary, because the sun is shining much in the Pyrenees. Each of the skiing-resorts is fine and manageable. If you want to try a larger connected skiing-area, we could recommend you to go to Andorra. Here are challenges both for the beginners and for the expert. Andorra is a very cheap country to visit because of the low tax.
  • Kanoeing – 5 km, look in the activityfolder in the house.
  • Riverrafting – 55 km, starting point in Axat (look above at Gorges de Galamus)
  • Riding – 2 km, look in the activityfolder in the house.
  • Tennis – at the stadium in Sorède - 0,5 km
  • Beaches  - 9 km to Argelès-Plage, 11 km to Racou-Plage, 15 km to St. Cyprien-Plage
  • Surfing at Argelès-Plage
  • Jogging at the promenade at Argelès-Plage and the marina.
  • Lots of possibilities for bicycle rides, the local tourist office has proposals.
  • Mountainbiking - VTT(vélo-tout-terrain)
  • You can also choose to play pétanque with the local residents in the Boulodrome. ( at the stadium in Sorède)

You can see the local weatherforecast in Sorède here

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